Kundalini Yoga in English

Read about Aquarian Age and Yogi Bhajan’s 5 Sutras for Aquarian Age here.

2017 Global Sadhana Meditation with 5th Sutra for Aqurian Age in PDF:

Fifth Sutra: Indra Nittri Meditation ENGLISH


„Naad. The sound current, or inner sound.
Naam. The vibration or essence of God; identity.”


Mantras used with every Kundalini Yoga practice with translation

Kriya (Beginners Sets):

Awekening to your 10 bodies

Basic Spinal Energy Series:

Basic Spinal Energy Series


Kriya for Disease Resistance:

Disease Resistance1Disease Resistance2

Surya Kriya:

Surya Kriya1Surya Kriya2

Kriya (Advanced):

Balancing Chakras

Meditations with Mantra:

The 7 Wave Sat Nam Meditation

Ong – Meditation to find peace within

3 Kriyas for Aquarian Age:

1. Sat Kriya:

Sat Krija


2. Kirtan Kriya

3. Sodarshan Chakra Kriya

Articles & Yogi Bhajan’s Lectures 

Lecture: Healing your handicaps

Recommended readings:

„The Master’s Touch: On Being a Sacred Teacher for the New Age.” Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D.

„Sadhana Guidelines”, 2nd Edition, Yogi Bhajan, KRI

Online resources:




Online books, music, etc:

satnam.de  or   satnam.com   (Europe)

spiritvoyage.com (USA)